Survivors Project: It starts with me

Link to original content I’ve written this story 50 times over. First fiction was my only attempt at letting the truth of my life out. Then, after escaping, writing out the facts, the tortures, the things I had kept hidden for so long became my daily ritual. Saying them out loud to friends was noContinue reading “Survivors Project: It starts with me”

Busking at the Seams: Review of Equus

Actor’s Express always has a knack for taking on Broadway’s best, putting them in a small theater in our beloved Atlanta, and giving New York a serious run for the title of queen of the stage. For their production of Peter Shaffer’s Equus, running till April 21, they took the crown. The scene design, by IsabelContinue reading “Busking at the Seams: Review of Equus”

SCAD Connector Column: Shedding your shell

Picture this: a room filled with strangers sharing personal stories that induce tears, laughter, heartache and that gooey feeling that rises from your gut when you feel like you completely understand what this other humanbeing is saying. This isn’t therapy or Alcoholics Anonymous. This is Carapace. Carapace is a group of Atlanta storytellers that usuallyContinue reading “SCAD Connector Column: Shedding your shell”

Busking at the Seams: Review of Angry Fags

First of all, Topher Payne please be my best friend for being so ballsy in the best contemporary and culturally relevant work I have seen on stage in a very long time. We will touch on your balls again later. Second of all, Johnny Drago please be my best friend for portraying such a complicated,Continue reading “Busking at the Seams: Review of Angry Fags”

Womenetics: Interview with Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

A native of Pakistan, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy grew up knowing that women faced the threat of acid attacks. But it wasn’t until much later in life that the severity of these attacks and the awareness of the circumstances behind them prompted her to co-direct the documentary that won her an Oscar at this years’ Academy Awards.Continue reading “Womenetics: Interview with Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy”

BURNAWAY: Review of T. Lang’s Mother/Mutha

It started with a not uncommon conversation: What’s your favorite curse word? Family members and friends went around in a circle and proclaimed the usual shits, damns, and bitches to laughter and nodding. But whenmotherfucker was proudly exclaimed, the energy shifted. An uncle (who, conveniently, is also a professor) took a moment to drop a little bit of knowledge aboutContinue reading “BURNAWAY: Review of T. Lang’s Mother/Mutha”

Ivy Hall Review: Featured Short Story, Full House

I was counting fence posts. That’s what I was doing the day that boy, well I guess you could call him a man, came up on your granddaddy’s property. He had a secret, and I had a quiet mouth and a pension for choosing to do the wrong thing. My guess is that he knewContinue reading “Ivy Hall Review: Featured Short Story, Full House”

SCAD Connector Column: Just say no

I am officially the last single girl out of all of my friends from high school and undergrad. All are either awaiting proposals or have already accepted proposals from a range of men. Some of these couples are perfectly matched, some very obviously settling. Between bridesmaid-dress shopping and talk of flowers and rings, I shouldContinue reading “SCAD Connector Column: Just say no”

SCAD Connector Feature: Don’t quit your day job

Nothing is more refreshing than someone who loves what they do. Charlie Bates, author, illustrator and senior manager at 360 Marketing for Cartoon Network, visited Ivy Hall on Sept. 29. He not only shared insights on how to survive and thrive in a creative field, but on how students can maintain their passion while workingContinue reading “SCAD Connector Feature: Don’t quit your day job”